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Majid, Imtiaz, Ghayur, Nadeem, and Shariff: Antimicrobial stewardship and its impact in prevention of antimicrobial resistance

Introduction: The findings of Abu Dhabi Health Authority’s 2012 Antibiotic Resistance Surveillance Report demonstrated that antimicrobial resistance among the 14 most relevant groups of human pathogens has reached a very concerning level in the United Arab Emirates compared with levels in other countries. One of the techniques that can be used to prevent and control the further development and spread of multidrug-resistant organisms is antimicrobial stewardship: coordinated interventions designed to improve and measure the appropriate use of antimicrobial agents.

Aims and objectives: Our aim was to study the various components, objectives and methods of antimicrobial stewardship programmes and to examine their correlation with infection control strategies and their effect on the reduction of antimicrobial resistance. We also aimed to study implementation and impact in antimicrobial stewardship in the United Arab Emirates.

Materials and methods: We searched MEDLINE and PUBMED for relevant articles and collected and analysed information on various antimicrobial stewardship programmes in the United Arab Emirates and elsewhere.

Results: We found that antimicrobial stewardship is crucial to reduce the growing microbial resistance by promoting selection of the optimal drug regimen including dosing, duration of therapy and route of administration.

Conclusion: The slowdown in the development of new antimicrobial agents, alongside increased resistance to existing antimicrobial agents, warrants the use of antimicrobial stewardship.

Acknowledgements: We would like to thank the Vice Chancellor of Ras Al Khaimah Medical and Health Sciences University and the Student Affairs Department for giving us this opportunity to present our study. We are also grateful to the Dean of Ras Al Khaimah College of Pharmaceutical Sciences for his support.

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