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Clinical differentiation between direct and indirect hernias – is it a clinical necessity or a medical dogma?

Yousif H Eltayeb, A Jabbar M Salih
Published in : HAMDAN MEDICAL JOURNAL ; Vol 8, No 4 (2015)
DOI : 10.7707/hmj.474


Clinical differentiation between direct and indirect inguinal hernias is a skill that has been taught and practised for decades. Its accuracy and value have recently been challenged. Modern radiological tools (e.g. ultrasound, colour duplex scanning, computerized axial tomography and magnetic resonance imaging) have been shown to have a superior diagnostic value if such differentiation is deemed necessary. In the current century, the clinical skill may remain to be of some academic value for teaching medical students. However, in clinical life its routine practice might represent a medical dogma.

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