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Dr Sharad Kumar Dicksheet

Sujathan Nair
Published in : HAMDAN MEDICAL JOURNAL ; Vol 8, No 4 (2015)
DOI : 10.7707/hmj.480


Sharad Kumar Dicksheet was born in Pandharpur, Solapur district, India, in the Western Indian state of Maharashtra on 13 December 1930, and was one of six children. He had initially chosen to study science, for which he enrolled at Nizam College of Hyderabad. He achieved a Bachelor of Science degree in 1951 and was then admitted to medical college and obtained his Medical Degree in 1956, following which he served for a short time in the Indian Army. Dicksheet moved to the USA in 1959 and pursued higher training in ophthalmology. However, he later changed to study plastic surgery, securing a master’ s degree (MD), and he went on to work at Fairbanks Hospital, Alaska, and at Mount Sinai Hospital and the New York Methodist Hospital, New York. Sharad Kumar Dicksheet married and divorced and had three children.

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