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Alsultan and Alomair: Antibiotic resistance in the Middle East – is it threatening the future?

Introduction: One of the greatest threats to modern medicine is the increasing prevalence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Recent studies have shown that the prevalence of antibacterial resistance can be extremely high in the Middle East.

Objectives: To increase the awareness of health care providers and society of the complications we might face in the future.

Materials and methods: The project involved collection of antibacterial abuse articles from the literature from multiple sites.

Results: Antibiotic resistance keeps increasing daily in the Middle East, which creates a threat to public health. A Saudi study published in 1981 reported that 12% of bacteria strains were resistant to penicillin. Another Saudi study in 2008 reported 54% of samples from children under 5 years old were resistant to penicillin. All overuse, underuse and misuse of medicines contribute to this problem.

Conclusions: It is necessary to take urgent measures and precautions to save future generations from antibacterial resistance. The importance of spreading awareness is what will make a difference for future health. No action today, no cure tomorrow.

Acknowledgements: Dr Abdulrahman Alsultan for supervising us.

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