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Unis, El Khubrani, and El Howatee: Comparative study of the effect of new web technologies tools on medical education process between undergraduate medical students in preclinical and clinical years in the University of Tabuk

Introduction: New web technologies have emerged as novel studying tools. Although these technologies were developed for other purposes, they were used by undergraduate medical students to facilitate the process of acquiring medical knowledge and information. Moreover, faculty members started to encourage students to use such technologies.

Objectives: To measure the extent of use of these emerging new web technologies by medical students and to identify the impact on the process of medical education in both preclinical and clinical years.

Materials and methods: A semistructured questionnaire survey was developed to compare the extent of different aspects of usage of new web technologies in the process of medical education among undergraduate medical students in both preclinical and clinical years in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Tabuk, Tabuk, Saudi Arabia.

Results: The current study revealed that the use of new web technologies in the field of medical education resulted in a significant improvement in the learning and understanding process among undergraduate medical students either studying in preclinical or clinical years. Moreover, use of new web technology led to a significant increase in the degree of communication between students and staff members.

Conclusions: Emerging web technologies have a positive impact on the process of medical education for all undergraduate students. Proper formulation and integration of such technologies in the medical education process is needed in order to maximize their benefits.

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