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Al Towyan, Al Johani, AlHaddad, AlKhthami, Al Fahied, and Sami: Fast food consumption among Majmaah University students, Saudi Arabia

Introduction: Fast food consumption (FFC) is one of the most common eating habits with escalated prevalence in the recent decades. It is a risk factor for development of many diseases, and the risk increases with increase consumption of fast food.

Objectives: The study aimed to test the prevalence of FFC among this important part of the community, to study factors that contribute to FFC and to test the level of awareness regarding health issues and consequences of FFC.

Materials and methods: This is a cross-sectional study based on a questionnaire in a sample of 505 male and female students aged between 18 and 26 years at Majmaah University, Al Majama’ah, Saudi Arabia.

Results: The findings showed that 85.15% of students consumed fast food at least once a week, and 41.6% consumed it as a usual meal, which is extremely high. Taste (43.2%) was the major factor leading to FFC. Students with knowledge of diseases that FFC can lead to was 54.1%, and those that knew FFC was a risk factor for obesity was 78.2%, with 85.9% of participants wanted to reduce their FFC.

Conclusions: Awareness of the health risks of FFC among students needs to be increased, and consumption should be decreased.

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