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The gut–brain axis – a new key to understand mind–body connection

Fahad Basheer, Shabnam P Samath, Fahim Basheer
Published in : HAMDAN MEDICAL JOURNAL ; Vol 10, No 2 (2017)
DOI : 10.7707/hmj.685


The gut has been considered a digestive organ until the recent discovery of the gutbrain axis. The gutbrain axis is a connection through which the gut microbes are able to influence and control the emotions as well as the cognition of an individual through neuroimmunoendocrinological pathways. This article puts forth some of the well-established discoveries of the gutbrain axis, explaining the mechanism of action on how gut microbes modulate the formation of the enteric nervous system and the production of neurohormones and chemokines to alter the cognitive performance of the brain and the emotional balance of an individual through neural, immune and endocrine pathways. Moreover, this bidirectional axis acts as a new key to understand the mindbody connection in the future.

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