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Narchi: Gastroenterology

The 9th Dubai International Medical Conference, organised by the Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum and held from 14th to 16th December, focused on the topic of gastroenterology. In this edition of the journal we aim to share with the readers the proceedings of the plenary sessions, in which invited international speakers, informed the participants of the latest advances in that field, from basic sciences to diagnosis and therapy.

In the following pages, the history of Hepatitis C, from the discovery of the virus to the recent advances in therapy, will be comprehensively reviewed. The readers will also be updated on the emerging topic of the inherited mechanisms of intrahepatic cholestasis.

The promising role of organoids to study and stop pancreatic cancer will be discussed and recent advances in the understanding of the pathogenesis of alcoholic pancreatitis and alcoholic pancreatitis will be unraveled in this edition.

Genetic lessons to be learned from colon cancer will be shared with the readers. Similarly, recent advances in coeliac disease in children and on the short bowel syndrome, ranging from the physiology to the clinical management will also be elaborated.

The readers will become more familiar with emerging issues, such as the microbiome and liver stem/progenitor cells and hepatic organoids that aim to translate this new science into clinical practice.

Recent advances in diagnostic and therapeutic procedures will also be shared with the readers. The role of double balloon enteroscopy and of endoscopy in patients with pancreatic cancer, including biliary and duodenal stents, will be highlighted. The clinical benefits of high definition colonoscopy with electronic chromoscopy to detect, characterise and endoscopically treat colonic polyps will be discussed. The readers will also become familiar with the recent advances in the surgical management of pancreatic neuroendocrine tumours and on the modern optimization of the outcomes of rectal cancer surgery.

The conference scientific committee hopes that all the readers will find this edition of the journal very informative and, more importantly, of practical interest to improve the outcomes of their patients.

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