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Updates on the role of imaging in the assessment of Crohn’s disease

Mohamed Walaaeldin Elfaal
Scheduled to Publish in : HAMDAN MEDICAL JOURNAL ; Future Issues
DOI : 10.7707/hmj.786


As initial studies reported that magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)was useful for the evaluation of the small intestine, this modalityhas become increasingly important in the diagnosis, assessment andexclusion of small bowel disease. The use of MRI for the assessment ofinflammatory bowel disease is increasing, at the expense of the currentprimary imaging modality, computed tomography (CT) enterography.MRI has many advantages over CT, including a lack of radiationexposure, lower prevalence of adverse events, availability of dynamicinformation, higher resolution and better soft-tissue contrast. New MRItechniques, including diffusion-weighted imaging, spectroscopy, motilitystudy, positron emission tomography-MRI and molecular imaging,are currently under investigation to improve the diagnosis, follow-upand management of the disease.

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