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Original Research Articles

Initiation of insulin glargine plus oral antidiabetic drugs in patients with type 2 diabetes uncontrolled on premixed insulin   PDF HTML
Ghaida Kaddaha

The diagnostic utility of ultrasound-guided core needle biopsy in breast lumps   PDF HTML
Ali Mohammed Hussein Salem, Essaf Hasan Ghazi, Yousif Hussein Eltayeb

Penetrating abdominal stab wounds – current practice and recommendations   PDF HTML
Labib Sallam Al-Ozaibi, Nusaiba AlSuwaidi, Noura Al-Zarouni, Bassem Mahmoud Abou Hussein, Omar Mohammad Khalil, Alya Al-Mazrouni, Faisal Badri

Serum interleukin 8 level is linked to the inflammatory and cardiometabolic indicators in survivors of breast cancer   PDF HTML
Marwan Salih Mohammad Al-Nimer, Zhian Mahmood Ibrahim Dezayee

Delayed primary colon repair – does it have a place in surgical practice?   PDF HTML
Yousif H Eltayeb, Ali Khammas Ali Yammahi, Labib Al-Ozaibi

Efficacy of anterior column reconstruction in tuberculosis of the cervical spine with stand-alone titanium cage without anterior plating   PDF HTML
Qazi Muhammad Amin, Ashfaq Ahmed, muhammad imran, Farrukh Bashir, Atiq Uz Zaman, Shahzad javed, Amir Aziz

Case Reports

Superior mesenteric artery syndrome – a rare diagnosis for common upper gastrointestinal symptoms   PDF HTML
Ammar MH Shehadeh, Mohammed Samir Mokhtar Hamed Elwan, Hazem Mohamed Mostafa Elfar

Pancreatic solid pseudo-papillary tumours   PDF HTML
Ahmad Kamal, Kannan Packirirsamy, Faisal Badri, Alya Al Mazrouei, Aneela Khaleeq, Mohamed Alaqqad

Atrial myxoma – the first case report in Emirati patients   PDF HTML
Khaled Assim Karkout, Sara Amrani, Gohar Jamil

Localized leishmaniasis of the pharyngeal mucosa in the United Arab Emirates   PDF HTML
Muhammad Sami Jabbr, Azizullah Jaffar, Jamal Kassouma, hussain Talib Salman

Ovarian mucinous cystadenoma arising from a mature cystic teratoma – a case report   PDF HTML
Shatha TS Al-Zuheiri, Shafik A Fwakhrji

Posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome – unusual manifestation of late postpartum eclampsia   PDF HTML
Nawal M Hubaishi, Fatima Cherifi, Wafa El Hussein, Khaled S Abuamra

Multiorgan dysfunction in Plasmodium vivax malaria complicated by a ruptured spleen   PDF HTML
Abdelnasser Khalafalla Ahmed,, Zeyad Faoor Alrais, Maged Mohsen Beniamein, Khalil Ahmad

Aarskog–Scott syndrome – prenatal ultrasound diagnosis in a case with positive family history   PDF HTML
Nawal Hubaishi, Fatima Cherifi, Maryam Khalid Taka, Amina Bin Ashoor, Dario Paladini

Aorta and caval perforation during laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy – a rare complication   PDF HTML
Ira Shrivastava, Siddharth Sankar Das, Justin Arun Kumar

Educational Review

The gut–brain axis – a new key to understand mind–body connection   PDF HTML
Fahad Basheer, Shabnam P Samath, Fahim Basheer


Tarlov cyst – an uncommon cause of back pain   PDF HTML
Mohamed Walaaeldin Elfaal, Mohamed Samir
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