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Discovery of innovative small-molecule therapeutics   PDF HTML
Magid Abou-Gharbia

Telbivudine – from the discovery of its antiviral activity to a marketed drug (Tyzeka®, Sebivo®) for the treatment of chronic hepatitis B   PDF HTML
Gilles Gosselin

Cancer to cardioprotection – hearts and flowers, death and STATs   PDF HTML
Paul A Townsend

Progress in vaccination   PDF HTML
Stanley A Plotkin

Prevention of cervical cancer through vaccination   PDF HTML
Ian H Frazer

Cell therapy for cancer – our synthetic future   PDF HTML
Carl H June

Placenta-derived decidual stromal cells – a novel therapy for graft-versus-host disease, haemorrhages and toxicity after allogeneic haematopoietic stem cell transplantation   PDF HTML
Olle Ringdén

Skeletal (stromal) stem cells – basic biology and clinical use in tissue regeneration   PDF HTML
Moustapha Kassem

Pluripotent stem cells – from physiology to cell therapy, disease models and test systems   PDF HTML
Juergen Hescheler

Personalized diagnostics and treatment of breast cancer   PDF HTML
Karim Nayernia, Hans Bojar

Imatinib as a paradigm of targeted cancer therapies   PDF HTML
Brian J Druker

Personalized medicine in cancer therapy   PDF HTML
Moustapha Hassan

Immunomodulatory antibodies for therapy of cancer   PDF HTML
Ingegerd Hellstrom, Min Dai, Karl Erik Hellstrom

Rapid development of a vaccine against Ebola – challenges and opportunities   PDF HTML
Adrian VS Hill

Clade B virus-like particle (VLP)-expressing HIV vaccine   PDF HTML
Harriet L Robinson
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