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Message from the Scientific Committee   PDF HTML
Fatima Ahmed Al Harmoudi

From knowledge to practice   PDF HTML
A Kamarulzaman

Notch pathway regulation of gastrointestinal stem cells   PDF HTML
L Samuelson

Is the dinner plate an answer to cancer metastasis?   PDF HTML
DJ Templeton

The antisecretory factor-16   PDF HTML
M Alolama

Periodic oscillatory myoelectrical activity in the gut   PDF HTML
A Rafea, RN Miftahof

Effects of Moringa oleifera extract on reactive oxygen species-induced beta-cell death   PDF HTML
A AlGarni, E AlHarbi

The cannabinoid receptor 2 agonist β-caryophyllene reduces voluntary alcohol intake and attenuated ethanol-induced place preference and sensitivity in mice   PDF HTML
S Al Mansouri, S Ojha, E Al Maamari, M Al Ameri, SM Nurulain, A Bahi

Effect of synthetic cannabinoids on blood–brain barrier   PDF HTML
M Alkhalifah, M Agudelo, S Williams, MP Nair

Telocytes in human coronary arteries – scanning electron microscope study   PDF HTML
MK Hołda, M Koziej

Potential sites of thrombosis in the left atrium   PDF HTML
M Koziej, MK Hołda, K Piątek

Alarming trends in type 2 diabetes mellitus – from the mountains of Pakistan to the plains of the United Arab Emirates   PDF HTML
S Baig, N Jahan, M Shah, A Ahmed, SM Shah

Restrictive pulmonary function pattern and its impact on asthma severity   PDF HTML
S AlGhamdi, E AlAadah, A AlBanna, B AlGhamdi

Virulence of carbapenem-resistant Escherichia coli isolated in the Arabian Peninsula   PDF HTML
RH Al-Marzooqi, MM Al-Dhuhoorii, D Darwish, T Pal, A Sonnevend

When the death certificate says multiple sclerosis – exploring contributing causes of death   PDF HTML
M Alotaibi, F Zhu, T Duggan, H Tremlett, E Kingwell

The relationship among iron status, hepcidin and inflammation in paediatric obesity   PDF HTML
M Seif, AA Alshamrani, AM Almulhim

Treatment patterns in patients with metastatic prostate cancer at King Abdulaziz Medical City in Jeddah – a retrospective study   PDF HTML
F Al-Shehri, A Al-Shaer, M Almansour

Association between primary site of melanoma and survival of United States adult patients   PDF HTML
N Alomari, A Algarni, S Aldaham, J Acuna

Safety and effectiveness of zoledronic acid therapy used in osteogenesis imperfecta patients   PDF HTML
Zeyad Abualiat, Abdulkareem Niyazi, Majed Alosaimi

Patterns of presentation and outcomes of germ cell tumours in women in Oman   PDF HTML
L Almutawea, M Al Kalbani, R Lakhtakia, I Burney

Knowledge and attitude towards organ transplantation among medical students in the medical college of Al Qassim University   PDF HTML
H Alwably, A Algadaa

The prevalence of psychological impact on immediate caregivers of hospitalized patients – the forgotten part of the equation   PDF HTML
R Al-Zahrani, R Bashihab, S Al-Khateeb, EA Anwar

Patient’s attitude and preference towards medical students involvement in their health care in Tabuk region in Saudi Arabia   PDF HTML
M Alshwameen, M Albalawi, S Almutairi, FA Shaman

Lifestyle habits and their relation to measures of obesity amongst adults living in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia – a cross-sectional study   PDF HTML
F Alsomali, E Meer, E Korbi, A Elkhatib, Y Haddawi, A Bin Salman, O BinDajam, T Zoghbi

The association between permanent teeth loss and cardiovascular disease in Latin-American and African-American populations   PDF HTML
Z Alyousef, M Alqudaimi, J Acuna, S ALDaham, G Castro, J Zevallos

Primary Caesarean section in Tabuk community in Saudi Arabia – rate and clinical indications   PDF HTML
M Al-Balawi, M Al-Shawwamiyyan, Y Al-Balawi

Detection of renal anomalies using antenatal and postnatal ultrasound – a comparative study   PDF HTML
L Alghamdi, L Banjar, R AlGarni

Smoking, quitting factors, and cigarette prices – a Twitter-based survey of the Saudi population   PDF HTML
O Al-Mohrej

Direct analysis of lipids from blood using matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization (MALDI) mass spectrometry   PDF HTML
T Al-Nahas, R Castangia, O Belgacem, G Stubiger, W Al-Shaqha

Antimicrobial compounds from Magnolia liliflora Desr.   PDF HTML
O Al Muzaini, O Al Dulaimi, T Al Qahtani, WW Li

Cloning and expression of Pteropine Orthoreovirus sigma C protein in bacterial cells   PDF HTML
A Bin Shihah, M Alnajashi, TY Fong, K Voon

The antimalarial activity of 4-aminoalcohol quinoline enantiomers   PDF HTML
S Alshareef, A Kokandi

Systemic exposure to metallic nanoparticles initiates an acute, inflammasome-mediated, inflammatory response   PDF HTML
Y Mohamed, D Sarawathiamma, J Merin, M Fernandez-Cabezudo, Y Haik, B Al-Ramadi

Microplasma pen designs for surface chemical pattern fabrication   PDF HTML
A Almaarik, M Dawary, A Moukannas, P Roach

Substrate zymography of snake venom components depicting the activity of matrix metalloprotease   PDF HTML
A Al-Sweed, M Al-Sadhan, F Davamani

RNA purification from saliva for biodosimetry applications   PDF HTML
A Alghali, K AlAnazi, K AlGhadam

Time course of hyperalgesia in the rat chronic constriction injury model of neuropathic pain   PDF HTML
W Al-Suwailm, M Al-Qahtani, SH Al-Jumaiah, KH Al-Harbi

Effect of combined administration of nicotine and caffeine on the prostate of adult rats   PDF HTML
BM Bashykh, NA Rajeh

Bisabolol ameliorates cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity in rats   PDF HTML
M Al Mansoori, N Al Shamri, N Al Kendi, M Al Jaberi, A Sheikh, N Amir, N Nalin, S Ojha

β-Caryophyllene, a cannabinoid receptor type-2 agonist protects against doxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicity   PDF HTML
MASA Al Katheeri, A Sheikh, N Nalin, S Ojha

Carveol inhibits the function of human α7-nicotinic acetylcholine receptors   PDF HTML
A Al-Hosani, A Al-Ali, S Nurulain, O Murat

A ‘de novo’ splice site deletion in the OFD1 gene is responsible for oral–facial–digital type 1 syndrome in an Emirati child   PDF HTML
MA Aljneibe, KM Khozaimy, KM Al-Kathiri, SS Alameri, S Ben-Salem, BR Ali, L Al-Gazali

Glycaemic control, complications and associated autoimmune disease in children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes mellitus in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia   PDF HTML
MM Al-Afif, AE Al-Agha, IA Abd-Elhameed, DA El-Derwi

Induced nitric oxide synthase and diabetic cardiomyopathy   PDF HTML
A Al Ali, KA Parekh, A Qureshi, P Jayaprakash, E Adeghate, FC Howarth, TE Adrian

Investigating calcium signalling in pancreatic beta cell lines   PDF HTML
K Alanazi, A Alghali

Ameliorative effect of Withania coagulans on hyperglycaemia and oxidative stress   PDF HTML
SS Al Alawi, RAM Alkhanbashi, MAS Al Alawi, N Amir, S Azimullah, A Adem

Diabetes and periodontal health knowledge and awareness among diabetic patients – a uni-centred study in western Saudi Arabia   PDF HTML
A Banasser, M Bahammam

The impact of ACE/NOS inhibition on oestrogen receptor-β expression in spontaneous hypertensive rat left ventricle   PDF HTML
A Adughiman, A Alashiekh, R Gonzales, T Hale

Effects of consecutive use of isoproterenol/adenosine on ischaemia-reperfusion injury and cardioprotection in rat heart   PDF HTML
A Al-Ahmadi, FC Howarth, I Khaliulin, S Suleiman

Bisabolol mitigates isoproterenol-induced myocardial infarction in rats   PDF HTML
R Al Ameri, N Al Ahbabi, A Sheikh, N Nalin, S Ojha

The prevalence of coronary heart risk factors among medical students at a teaching hospital   PDF HTML
NH Ibrahim, MM Mahnashi, RS Al-Shehri, AG Al-Dhaheri, BS Al-Zahrani, EA Al-Wadie, MK Aljabri, RM Al-Shanketi

Investigation of perfused platelet activation using a 3D tissue-engineered medial layer   PDF HTML
O Alobaidan, N Alsobaie, Y Yang, F Musa

Do neurons from the primary motor cortex grow in response to signals from the developing spinal cord in vitro?   PDF HTML
F Alhumaid, S Almutairi, P Roach, HR Fuller, MA Gates

The histone deacetylase inhibitor valproic acid reduces ethanol consumption and ethanol-conditioned place preference in rats   PDF HTML
M Al Ameri, S Al Mansouri, A Al Maamari, A Bahi

The effect of tissue plasminogen activator administration on hospital mortality of Hispanic Puerto Rican patients with acute ischaemic stroke   PDF HTML
DM Alobaid, FS Alanazy, MK Alanezi, S Aldham, JM Acuna, JC Zevallos

What is the relationship between survival motor neuron expression and rat spinal cord development?   PDF HTML
S Almutairi, F Alhumaid, P Roach, MA Gates, HR Fuller

Inhibition of urokinase plasminogen activator activity alters ethanol consumption and conditioned place preference in mice   PDF HTML
E Almaamari, M Alameri, S Almansouri, A Bahi

Short-term pulmonary effects of nose-only water pipe (shisha) smoking exposure in mice   PDF HTML
A Al Hemeiri, N Al Hammadi, P Yuvaraju, S Beegam, J Yasin, E Adeghate, BH Ali, A Nemmar

Short-term outcome of laparoscopic greater curvature plication – a new gastric restrictive technique for morbidly obese patients   PDF HTML
NA Nazer, WM Alshehri, MA Abdo, H Saeed, RM Alahmady

Quality of life among breast cancer Saudi patients who underwent mastectomy without reconstruction at King Abdulaziz Medical City, Riyadh – a cross-sectional study   PDF HTML
F Al-Otaibi, L Al-Faadhel, M Al-Qahtani, L Al-Riyees

Primary care physicians role in following up cancer survivors   PDF HTML
O Abulkhair, H Al-Nuaim, N Al-Fayi, H Al-Abbasi

Improved assessment of tumour angiogenesis with DCE–MRI   PDF HTML
G Al-Nuaim, F Alangari, A Alabdulqader, L Chen, C Howison, M Pagel

Measurement of tumour acidosis using chemical exchange saturation transfer MRI technique   PDF HTML
A Alabdulqader, F Alangari, G Niaz, L Chen, C Howison, M Pagel

The relationship between dysmenorrhoea and piriformis syndrome   PDF HTML
S Bayan, H Ahmed

Analysis of relationship between memory functions and blood indices across parturition in primigravidae   PDF HTML
S Venkataraman

Pattern of energy drink consumption and the associated behaviour among medical students at King Faisal University   PDF HTML
AA Alshamrani, NK Al-Mulhim, SA Al-Saleem, AN Al-Mulhim

Maternal outcomes of breast milk feeding in King Abdulaziz University Hospital, Saudi Arabia   PDF HTML
L Banjar, A Ghunaim, H Alshaikh, H Faruqui, M Alsamti, A Almalki

Frequency of using non-prescribed medication among the community of Majmaah City   PDF HTML
T Alhindi, A Almutairi, M Aldajani, M Alzahrani

Socioeconomic determinants of dietary habits among a sample of families in Jeddah   PDF HTML
S Alsolami, S Ghandurah, R Jastaniah, H Faruqui, A AlShamrani, G AlAydross, M AlGhanmi, A Tashkandi

Epidural analgesia during childbirth – women’s viewpoint   PDF HTML
A Al-Shamrani, S Tayeb, F Almagrabi, R Bukhari

Physical activity and major non-communicable diseases among Riyadh physicians during 1435H   PDF HTML
A Mandil, N AlFurayh, M AlJebreen, S AlDukhi

A study of risk factors for diabetes and hypertension among expatriate workers in Majmaah City   PDF HTML
H Alanazi, S Alkhamis, T Aljarbaa, F Almutiri, S Meraj, S Waqas

Study of knowledge, attitude and practice of osteoporosis among adult women in Majmaah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia   PDF HTML
A AlEidan, M AlMubark, F AlOtibi, K ElTohami, W Sami

The prognosis of primary generalized epilepsy in patients with parental consanguinity – a 1-year retrospective study   PDF HTML
F Babtain, H Assiri, A Bajunaid, V Muthusamy, H Bhatia

The prevalence of diverticular disease in the National Guard Health Affairs, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia   PDF HTML
N Al-Alem, S Al-Aklabi, M Sadee, K Al-Amer, M Khan

Knowledge and attitude about blood donation and its subtype (autologous blood donation) among medical students in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia   PDF HTML
BK AlBalawi

Patients satisfaction about health care services provided by primary health care centres in Majmaah City, Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia   PDF HTML
A Alfarag, A Almutairi, F Alenzi, A Alotaibi, EY Mohammed

Clinical decision support content development for common conditions in primary care   PDF HTML
BKI Mohamed, FMYH Al Ameri, JRS Al Zeyoudi, NBOS Alkindi, SYFAA Al Khaja, MJ Hashim

Prevalence and risk factors of voice disorders among attendants of the Speech Unit at King Abdulaziz Medical City, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia   PDF HTML
S Al-Bahkaly, H Nasser, R Al-Madhari, H Al-Shehri, S Al-Harthi

Assessment of the knowledge and awareness of colorectal cancer among undergraduate students in King Abdulaziz University – a survey-based study   PDF HTML
Z Alamin, O Almutairi, H Allam, S Alsolami, M Atta

Integrating research methodology and training into the undergraduate medical curriculum – students’ perspectives of Jeddah and Rabigh Medical Colleges, King Abdulaziz University, Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia   PDF HTML
Z Alamin, O Almutairi, H Allam, M Alnawwar, H Atta

Prevalence of shisha smoking among fourth and fifth batches of medical students at Al-Imam Muhammad ibn Saud University and its relationship with GPA   PDF HTML
M Al-Dhfeeri, A Al-Khuwaytim, A Al-Sayegh, M Al-Khalifah

Carpal tunnel syndrome in females – an experience from Al-Hasa, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia   PDF HTML
A Al-Hussain, M Al-Juwaysim, Z Al-Mubarak

Does lifestyle influence musculoskeletal pain among Saudi university students?   PDF HTML
L Al-Abdulqader, M Al-Harfi, R Al-Sadhan

The magnitude of home hoarding and self drug prescriptions and their effect on bacterial resistance to amoxicillin in Hail, Saudi Arabia   PDF HTML
I Abuqurayn, A Al-Abdli, N Al-Tamimi, A Babiker, M Alaraj

The prevalence of visceral transposition in a Saudi national institute – a preliminary study   PDF HTML
D AlHamdan, A Khankan, A AlFattani, M AlOtaibi

Social media platforms for raising awareness of appropriate antibiotics use in the Gulf Cooperation Council states   PDF HTML
HM Zowawi, A Malak, FA Mar, HH Rihab, A Turki, HK Abdullah, HB Tiffany, H Stephan, HH Balkhy, DL Paterson

Attitude and perceived practice of health promotion among primary health care physicians and nurses at King Abdulaziz Medical City in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia   PDF HTML
G Al-Shaman, S Al-Tamimi, F Al-Shoshan, N Tawfeeq, M AlAsmary

Disparities in breast cancer by race/ethnicity among economically disadvantaged women   PDF HTML
S Al-Tamimi, G Al-Shaman

Impact of the smoking ban policy on students at the University of Sharjah   PDF HTML
M AlSuwaiji, E Ghassemi, A Emara, A Mohseni, N Majid

Antibiotic resistance in the Middle East – is it threatening the future?   PDF HTML
BA Alsultan, SA Alomair

The impact of child maltreatment on school performance in Saudi Arabia   PDF HTML
M AlMuneef, D AlTamimi

Pancreatic cancer and the risk factors associated with pancreatic cancer   PDF HTML
WK Abdel Rahim, - Bilques, A Shahrin, AM Siddika

Paper versus device – which has a greater impact on the medical student’s performance?   PDF HTML
S Bin Said, A Alzahrani, N Tawfeeq, M Al Asmary

Assessment of caregiver’s knowledge about child development in the first two years of life in Saudi Arabia   PDF HTML
K AlMokali, H AlJammaz, H AlHoraibi, N AlDujayn, M Saadeh, A Fattani

Management of work-related musculoskeletal disorders among hospital nurses – competency-based study in Tabuk City, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia   PDF HTML
A Al Harbi, W Al Nomasi

Gender difference in mortality among Hispanics hospitalized with acute ischaemic stroke in Puerto Rico   PDF HTML
B Alanazi, M Aljodai, M Almutairi, J Acuna, S Aldaham, J Zevallos

Validation and cultural adaptation of the American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society’s Ankle-Hindfoot Scale   PDF HTML
H Darwish, Z Alqahtani, S Alfaedi

Anxiety effects on student academic performance in the College of Medicine, Al-Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University   PDF HTML
S Al-Suwailem, N Al-Omari

Differences in mortality between weekend and weekday hospital admissions among stroke patients in Florida   PDF HTML
A Adel, A Abdullah, A Yazeed, A Juan, A Sami, Z Juan

The prevalence of atrial fibrillation among adult Saudi patients with chronic heart failure at Prince Sultan Cardiac Center, Qassim (2011–2014)   PDF HTML
A Al-Harbi, M Al-Suhaibani

Developing an outcome evaluation plan for the domestic violence programme in Chicanos Por La Causa De Colores   PDF HTML
F Al-Shoshan, M Al-Atabani, N Perez-Brena

Can ejaculatory dysfunction be recovered by low-dose tamsulosin in treating patients with symptomatic benign prostatic hyperplasia? – a prospective study   PDF HTML
A Alkhalifah, A Alamer, A Albadan, A Alhawaj, I Mutaki, M Soliman

Subjective response to respirator use – comparison N95 respirator, surgical mask and face cover   PDF HTML
R Bashihab, R Al-Zahrani, H Al-Horaibi, A Al-Nafesa, M Emam, S Al-Harthi, B Al-Hajaj, P Harber

Knowledge, attitudes and practice of birth spacing among married individuals in the UAE   PDF HTML
L Aghawan, S Almuhairi, Y Farid, A Khaled, R Watad, M Zadran

Growth parameters among Saudi children attending the health care centre of King Faisal University, Al-Hassa, Saudi Arabia – is there deviation from normality?   PDF HTML
A Alhathlul, B Alsultan, N AlBaloushi, S AlOmair

Using the health belief model to assess women’s perception towards breast cancer   PDF HTML
M Aboalfotouh, A Al-Juhani, A Bani Mustafa, A Alaskar

Effect of difluoromethylornithine and methotrexate on proliferation of human breast carcinoma cells   PDF HTML
A AlMani

Comparative study of the effect of new web technologies tools on medical education process between undergraduate medical students in preclinical and clinical years in the University of Tabuk   PDF HTML
A Unis, R El Khubrani, A El Howatee

Oral contraceptive pill use among Saudi women   PDF HTML
A Al-Shamrani, S Tayeb, A Alsaggaf, M Alafif

Evaluation of the antiulcer potential of Punica granatum (pomegranate) peel extract on indomethacin-induced duodenal ulcer   PDF HTML
AI Asiri, HA Amin, GS Abdulaziz, HA Saleh

Depression and quality of life in patients with chronic kidney disease on haemodialysis in Central Province in Saudi Arabia   PDF HTML
OSAHM Alanazi, M Al-mansour, W Sami

Level of knowledge, attitude and practice of food hygiene among male school students in Majmaah City, Saudi Arabia   PDF HTML
OS Al-Rashedy, RS Alsaab, AS Alfayez, NR Almarri, M Al-mansour, W Sami

Urine analysis assessment among primary health care providers in Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia   PDF HTML
M Abdul-Aziz, IM AlSharydah, AA AlBwardi, A Al-Zahrani

Pattern of scrotal examination by physicians in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia   PDF HTML
A Alabdrabalnabi, N Al Fareed, A Matouq, M Alazzam, R Al Ajrafi, A Al-zahrani

Haematuria assessment among primary health care providers in Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia   PDF HTML
W Alamri, S Alsulami, A Al-zahrani

Scrotal pathology evaluation among primary health care physicians   PDF HTML
A Matouq, A Alabdrabalnabi, N Al Fareed, M Alazzam, R Al Ajrafi, A Al-Zahrani

Fast food consumption among Majmaah University students, Saudi Arabia   PDF HTML
Y Al Towyan, T Al Johani, A AlHaddad, A AlKhthami, F Al Fahied, W Sami

Elevated blood pressure in Emirati adolescents – role of obesity?   PDF HTML
S Al Tandi, M Al Aghbari, A Al Marzouqi, N Al Zaabi, S Al Hadrami, SM Shah
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