Vol 5, No 2 (2012)

Table of Contents

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Editorial   (Category : Diabetes & Endocrinology) PDF HTML
Bernhard Ludvik 83 - 84

The role of diabetes mellitus in the Gulf region   (Category : Diabetes & Endocrinology) PDF HTML
Ernest Adeghate 85 - 86


State-of-the-art and future aspects of the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus   (Category : Diabetes & Endocrinology,Internal Medicine) PDF HTML
Bernhard Ludvik 87 -98

An update on the pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes mellitus   (Category : Diabetes & Endocrinology,Internal Medicine) PDF HTML
Sabine Kahl, Michael Roden 99 -122

Diagnosing diabetes in the 21st Century – what is the role of haemoglobin A1c?   (Category : Diabetes & Endocrinology,Internal Medicine) PDF HTML
Matthew J.L. Hare, Jonathan E. Shaw, Paul Z. Zimmet 123 - 130

Nutrition and exercise in the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus   (Category : Diabetes & Endocrinology,Internal Medicine) PDF HTML
Subash Sivaraman, Martin O. Weickert 131 -144

Metabolic Surgery – A new Frontier in the Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus   (Category : Diabetes & Endocrinology,Surgery) PDF HTML
Felix B Langer, Gerhard Prager 145 - 154

Modern management of the diabetic foot syndrome   (Category : Diabetes & Endocrinology,Surgery,Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine) PDF HTML
Gerald Zoech 155 - 164

Original Research Articles

Ventricular myocyte contraction, intracellular calcium and expression of genes encoding cardiac muscle proteins in young and aging Zucker diabetic fatty rat heart reviewed   (Category : Diabetes & Endocrinology) PDF HTML
Frank Christopher Howarth, Muhammad A. Qureshi, Zahra Hassan, Lina T. Al Kury, Dmytro Isaev, Khatija Parekh, Salem R.K.D. Yammahi, Annie John, Murat Oz, Haider Raza, Ernest Adeghate, Thomas E. Adrian 165 - 172

Impalement injury – presentation of two new cases   (Category : General Health,Emergency Medicine,Surgery) PDF HTML
Faisal Badri, Alya Al-Mazrouei, Hadeil Azam, Nisreen Alamri 173 - 178

Regional anesthesia and analgesia for cancer surgery   (Category : Anaesthesiology,Oncology ) PDF HTML
Xavier Capdevila, Phillippe Rene Bertrand Macaire, Karine Nouette-Gaulain, Christophe Dadure, Aruna Godwin, Mansour Nadhari 179 - 188


Additional and prolonged anticoagulation in patients with acute coronary syndrome? The ATLAS ACS 2-TIMI 51 trial   (Category : Cardiology) PDF HTML
Alexander Niessner 189 - 190
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