Submissions under Genetics


Molecular Genetics of Human Developmental Brain Disorders of the Arabian Gulf Region   Vol 2 , No 1 (2009) PDF
Christopher A Walsh;

The Genetic Research Cycle in Human Disease: The Huntington's Disease Paradigm   Vol 2 , No 1 (2009) PDF
James F Gusella;

Discovery of Ghrelin and Its Physiological Function   Vol 3 , No 2 (2010) PDF
Masayasu Kojima;

Leptin and the Regulation of Body Weight   Vol 3 , No 3 (2010) PDF
Jeffrey M.D Friedman;


Familial recurrence of sudden infant death   Vol 1 , No 2 (2008) PDF
Michael A Patton;

Suppression of Premature Stop Codons for the Treatment of a Subset of Patients with Genetic Disorders   Vol 2 , No 1 (2009) PDF
H Lee Sweeney;


Human gene therapy – the future of health care   Vol 8 , No 1 (2015) PDF HTML
Rachel Matar; Milad Soleimani; Maxime Merheb;

Epigenetics and nutrition – nature versus nurture   Vol 5 , No 3 (2012) PDF HTML
Rebecca Simmons;

Clinical, biochemical and genetic aspects of peroxisomal disorders – an expanding group of genetic diseases in humans   Vol 5 , No 3 (2012) PDF HTML
Ronald JA Wanders;

Original Research Articles

A study in pleiotropy – Jalili syndrome   Vol 6 , No 2 (2013) PDF HTML
Pratibha Nair; Tasneem Obeid; Ghazi Omar Tadmouri; Najib Al-Khaja; Ismail K Jalili;

Allele and genotype frequencies of the two single nucleotide polymorphisms in the VKORC1 gene that are most important for warfarin treatment among Emiratis   Vol 9 , No 1 (2016) PDF HTML
Hayat S Al-Jaibeji; Anne John; Lihadh Al-Gazali; Karem Soliman; Abderrahim Oulhaj; Theodora Katsila; Angela Brand; George P Patrinos; Bassam R Ali;

Letter to the Editors

Cancers in Arab populations: concise notes   Vol 5 , No 1 (2012) HTML PDF
Ghazi Omar Tadmouri;

Case Reports

A novel splice site deletion in the OFD1 gene is responsible for oral–facial–digital syndrome type1 in an Emirati child   Vol 8 , No 1 (2015) PDF HTML
Lihadh Al-Gazali; Salma Ben-Salem; Mariam A Aljneibe; Khouloud M Khozaimy; Khouloud M Al-Kathiri; Shamsa S Alameri; Bassam R Ali;

Proceedings of the 5th RAKMHSU students scientific conference

Identification of off-target effects of aminoglycosides on human genes   Vol 7 , No 2 (2014) PDF HTML
Rola Kanani; Yousef Alhamdouni; Mahmood Y Hachim; Amad Azzawi;


Genetic lessons from colon cancer   Vol 9 , No 4 (2016) PDF HTML
Sanford D Markowitz;
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