Submissions under Neonatology


Use of Intravenous Immunoglobulin in the Treatment of Neonatal Sepsis: A Pragmatic Review and Analysis   Vol 3 , No 3 (2010) PDF
Khalid N Haque;

Historical Reviews

The lifework of Erich Saling – the father of perinatal medicine   Vol 5 , No 3 (2012) PDF HTML
Monika Drager; Asim Kurjak;


Newborn screening in the Middle East and North Africa – challenges and recommendations   Vol 5 , No 3 (2012) PDF HTML
Rabah M Shawky;


The exploitation of extracellular nucleic acids in diagnosis and prediction of placental insufficiency-related complications   Vol 5 , No 3 (2012) PDF HTML
Ilona Hromadnikova;

Comments on the past and predictions on the future of neonatal research – consortia, randomized cluster trials, brain care centres and xenon   Vol 5 , No 3 (2012) PDF HTML
Jerold F Lucey;

Are we improving long-term outcomes for extremely preterm babies?   Vol 5 , No 3 (2012) PDF HTML
Lex W Doyle;

The molecular basis of pulmonary surfactant – lessons from newborn infants   Vol 5 , No 3 (2012) PDF HTML
Jeffrey A Whitsett;

Infant and fetal vitamin D status and bone health   Vol 5 , No 3 (2012) PDF HTML
John M Pettifor;

Al-Aqeel Sewairi syndrome, MIM#605156, a prototype for personalized medicine for the study and prevention of genetic metabolic disorders in Saudi Arabia   Vol 5 , No 3 (2012) PDF HTML
Aida I Al-Aqeel;

Pathway-restoring therapies – an update on serine and on mannose treatment   Vol 5 , No 3 (2012) PDF HTML
Jaak Jaeken;

In utero haematopoietic stem cell transplantation – experimental progress towards clinical application   Vol 5 , No 3 (2012) PDF HTML
Alan W Flake;

Caffeine therapy for apnoea of prematurity in very low-birthweight infants   Vol 5 , No 3 (2012) PDF HTML
Barbara Schmidt; Arne Ohlsson; Peter G Davis;

Classical homocystinuria: newborn screening with early treatment effectively prevents complications   Vol 5 , No 3 (2012) PDF HTML
Sufin Yap;

Community-based strategies for newborn care: evidence for scaling up in developing countries   Vol 5 , No 3 (2012) PDF HTML
Zulfiqar Bhutta;

Original Research Articles

Prenatal screening for fetal aneuploidies during the first and second trimester of pregnancy   Vol 6 , No 2 (2013) PDF HTML
Shiefa Sequeira; Shweta Uppal;

Respiratory distress syndrome in preterm neonates of Lahore   Vol 6 , No 2 (2013) PDF HTML
Iftikhar Ejaz; Mumtaz Ali Bharo; Mehwish Anwer;

Intrauterine growth restriction and impaired skeletal growth in mouse fetuses following maternal exposure to aflatoxin B1 during early and late organogenesis   Vol 10 , No 1 (2017) PDF HTML
Yousef M Abdulrazzaq; Rengasamy Padmanabhan; Mohamed Shafiullah; Jose Kochiyil; Salim M Bastaki;

State - of - the - Art Reviews

The very low-birthweight infant   Vol 5 , No 3 (2012) PDF HTML
Arnold Pollak; Rachel Weitzdoerfer;

Case Reports

Early severe neonatal hyperbilirubinaemia associated with congenital hypothyroidism treated with exchange transfusions   Vol 8 , No 2 (2015) PDF HTML
Anwar Khan; Khalid Iqbal; Mahmoud Galal; Asma Jassim Malallah; Nada Zein;

Warfarin- and aspirin-associated fetal intracranial haemorrhage   Vol 9 , No 1 (2016) PDF HTML
Laila Matar; Yaser Elsaba;

Treatment of peripherally inserted central catheter line-associated thrombus in a preterm neonate with low-molecular-weight heparin   Vol 10 , No 1 (2017) PDF HTML
Mahmoud G Ahmed; Muzammil Hafeez; Anwar Khan; Ahmed M AlKamali; Fadhil H Ghayb; Anjan Madasu;
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