Submissions under Public Health & Prevention


Childhood obesity – a public health issue to be addressed in the Middle East for the health of future generations   Vol 8 , No 1 (2015) PDF HTML
Sridevi Adivi;

Integrating the hospital sector into UAE’s Green Economy Strategy   Vol 9 , No 3 (2016) PDF HTML
Niyi Awofeso;

Original Research Articles

Quantitative analysis of mercury burden in the wastewater released from dental clinics in the United Arab Emirates   Vol 6 , No 2 (2013) PDF HTML
Sausan Al Kawas;

Respiratory diseases burden in the United Arab Emirates   Vol 6 , No 2 (2013) PDF HTML
Bassam H Mahboub; Seemin Afshan Shiraz; Amna Hassan; Arif Noor Mohammad; Muzaffar Iqbal; Mayank Vats; Jamal Abdul Razak; Bassel Safareni; Ashraf al Zaabi; Mohamad Al Sairi;

Letter to the Editors

Drug discovery and development for growth of the pharmaceutical value chain – novel strategies through information technology   Vol 7 , No 2 (2014) PDF HTML
Dibyajyoti Saha;

Proceedings of the 5th RAKMHSU students scientific conference

The obesity conundrum – obesity then infection or infection then obesity?   Vol 7 , No 2 (2014) PDF HTML
Muhammed Naseem; Nabila Naser; Maria Monik Rathna; Syed Suhail Naser Osmani;


Alcoholic pancreatitis in the modern era   Vol 9 , No 4 (2016) PDF HTML
Jeremy WIlson; Romano Pirola; Minoti Apte;
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