Submissions under Surgery


THl/TH2 Cytokine Fingerprinting for Probing Diseases: From the Bench to the Clinic   Vol 1 , No 2 (2008) PDF
Mohamed L Salem; David J. Cole;

Metabolic Surgery. A New Surgical Discipline?   Vol 3 , No 1 (2010) PDF
Nicola Scopinaro;


Incontinence – a disorder just to accept?   Vol 6 , No 3 (2013) PDF HTML
Harald Rosen;


Present standards and future concepts of surgery in breast cancer   Vol 5 , No 1 (2012) HTML PDF
Todd M Tuttle; Natasha M Rueth;

Metabolic Surgery – A new Frontier in the Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus   Vol 5 , No 2 (2012) PDF HTML
Felix B Langer; Gerhard Prager;

Modern management of the diabetic foot syndrome   Vol 5 , No 2 (2012) PDF HTML
Gerald Zoech;

With Head, Heart and Hands, Make a Medical Professional by Abdul Jabbar Mehdi Salih   Vol 7 , No 3 (2014) PDF HTML
Harald Rosen;

Clinical differentiation between direct and indirect hernias – is it a clinical necessity or a medical dogma?   Vol 8 , No 4 (2015) PDF HTML
Yousif H Eltayeb; A Jabbar M Salih;

Original Research Articles

Transoral fundoplication for recurrent gastro-oesophageal reflux disease following previous surgical repair   Vol 5 , No 1 (2012) HTML PDF
Harald R Rosen; Abdulazim Hussain; Michaela Lechner; Christian Enserer;

Impalement injury – presentation of two new cases   Vol 5 , No 2 (2012) PDF HTML
Faisal Badri; Alya Al-Mazrouei; Hadeil Azam; Nisreen Alamri;

Outcome of laser therapy in patients with anal fissure   Vol 9 , No 1 (2016) PDF HTML
Shahin H Fateh; Sedigheh Darvish Shafighi; Afsaneh Norouzi; Massoumeh Kalantari;

Modified Lord–Miller procedure – less is more effective in treating pilonidal sinus   Vol 8 , No 1 (2015) PDF HTML
Labib Sallam Al-Ozaibi; Wessam Issa Hazim; Alya Al-Mazrouei; Faisal AL-Badri; Ali Al-Ani;

Can serum procalcitonin be a reliable single biomarker in predicting the severity of acute pancreatitis?   Vol 8 , No 3 (2015) PDF HTML
Hadiel Azzam Kaiyasah; Mahra Al-Suwaidi; Siyab Anwar; Labib Al-Ozaibi; Yousif El-Tayeb;

Transanal haemorrhoidal dearteralization – 1-year follow-up results, the Dubai experience   Vol 8 , No 3 (2015) PDF HTML
Labib Sallam Al-Ozaibi; Wessam Hazim; Ali Alani; Alya Mazrouei; Faisal Badri; Ahmed Al-Jaziri;

The comparison between the outcome of Doppler-guided haemorrhoidectomy and other types of haemorrhoid surgery   Vol 7 , No 2 (2014) PDF HTML
Massoumeh Kalantari; SA Alizadeh; S Darvish Shafighi;

Role of adiponectin in acute biliary pancreatitis – a prospective case–control study   Vol 7 , No 1 (2014) PDF HTML
Samer Sawalhi; Hamdi Al-Maramhy; Salman Al-Jubori; Abdelrahman l-Abdelrahman; Salah Eldin Geib Allah;

Standard of outpatient management of renal colic   Vol 9 , No 3 (2016) PDF HTML
Muhammad Salman Rafiq; Muhammad Imran Rafiq; Maria Rafiq; Seema Gul Salman; Sania Hafeez;

Delayed primary colon repair – does it have a place in surgical practice?   Vol 10 , No 3 (2017) PDF HTML
Yousif H Eltayeb; Ali Khammas Ali Yammahi; Labib Al-Ozaibi;

Penetrating abdominal stab wounds – current practice and recommendations   Vol 10 , No 2 (2017) PDF HTML
Labib Sallam Al-Ozaibi; Nusaiba AlSuwaidi; Noura Al-Zarouni; Bassem Mahmoud Abou Hussein; Omar Mohammad Khalil; Alya Al-Mazrouni; Faisal Badri;


Article review: Left-sided acute diverticulitis   Vol 5 , No 1 (2012) HTML PDF
Brigitte Kovanyi-Holzer;

Article review: Constipation and continence after transanal rectal resection   Vol 5 , No 1 (2012) HTML PDF
Joan Robert-Yap;

State - of - the - Art Reviews

Peri- and post-operative management in bariatric surgery   Vol 8 , No 1 (2015) PDF HTML
Johanna Maria Brix; Bernhard Ludvik;

Metabolic surgery – indications, procedures and outcome   Vol 8 , No 1 (2015) PDF HTML
Felix B Langer; Gerhard Prager;

Faecal incontinence   Vol 6 , No 3 (2013) PDF HTML
K E Matzel; Z. Cui; B Bittorf;

Surgery for primary liver malignancies – innovations and limitations   Vol 10 , No 2 (2017) PDF HTML
Roland S Croner;

Case Reports

A case of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma presenting in a patient with a family history of other types of cancers   Vol 8 , No 4 (2015) PDF HTML
Mohamed Alaqqad; Packirisamy Kannan; Leela Ram; Hytham Elshamsy; Tarek Refat Elhefni; Ishfaq A Khan; Ishfaq A Khan;

Pancreatitis complicated by acute appendicitis   Vol 8 , No 1 (2015) PDF HTML
Mohamed Gomah Hamed Alaqqad; Leela Ram; Packirisamy Kannan; Mohamad Abou Al Neaj;

A case of antroduodenal phytobezoar following laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy   Vol 7 , No 1 (2014) PDF HTML
O F Arsalan; A A Hussein; S El Malik;

Anaesthetic challenges in a super-morbidly obese patient undergoing laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy   Vol 6 , No 3 (2013) PDF HTML
Balaji Prabaharan; Aruna G Varma; Abdulsalam Al Taie;

Obesity surgery can be life saving   Vol 6 , No 2 (2013) PDF HTML
Sangram Jadhav; Sanjay Borude;
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