Submissions under Diabetes & Endocrinology


Heart Rate and QT Interval in Streptozotocin-induced Diabetic Rat   Vol 2 , No 3 (2009) PDF
F C Howarth; E. Adeghate; M. Jacobson;

Studies of Immune Mechanisms of Diabetes and Treatment with Isolated Pancreatic Islets   Vol 3 , No 1 (2010) PDF
Clyde F Barker; Ali Naji;

Type 2 Diabetes Is a Preventable Disease - Lifestyle Is the Key   Vol 3 , No 2 (2010) PDF
Jaakko Tuomilehto;

Bone ‘Quality’ – The Material and Structural Basis of Bone Strength   Vol 3 , No 2 (2010) PDF
Ego Seeman;

Natural History to Molecular Pathogenesis to Preventive Trials   Vol 3 , No 3 (2010) PDF
George S Eisenbarth;


Nauru and Mauritius: Barometers of a Global Diabetes Epidemic   Vol 3 , No 2 (2010) PDF
Paul Zimmet;

Editorial   Vol 5 , No 2 (2012) PDF HTML
Bernhard Ludvik;

The role of diabetes mellitus in the Gulf region   Vol 5 , No 2 (2012) PDF HTML
Ernest Adeghate;


State-of-the-art and future aspects of the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus   Vol 5 , No 2 (2012) PDF HTML
Bernhard Ludvik;

Diagnosing diabetes in the 21st Century – what is the role of haemoglobin A1c?   Vol 5 , No 2 (2012) PDF HTML
Matthew J.L. Hare; Jonathan E. Shaw; Paul Z. Zimmet;

Nutrition and exercise in the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus   Vol 5 , No 2 (2012) PDF HTML
Subash Sivaraman; Martin O. Weickert;

Epidemiology of diabetes mellitus – a global and regional perspective   Vol 6 , No 1 (2013) PDF HTML
Frank Christopher Howarth; Ernest Adeghate;

An update on the pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes mellitus   Vol 5 , No 2 (2012) PDF HTML
Sabine Kahl; Michael Roden;

Metabolic Surgery – A new Frontier in the Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus   Vol 5 , No 2 (2012) PDF HTML
Felix B Langer; Gerhard Prager;

Modern management of the diabetic foot syndrome   Vol 5 , No 2 (2012) PDF HTML
Gerald Zoech;

Original Research Articles

Ventricular myocyte contraction, intracellular calcium and expression of genes encoding cardiac muscle proteins in young and aging Zucker diabetic fatty rat heart reviewed   Vol 5 , No 2 (2012) PDF HTML
Frank Christopher Howarth; Muhammad A. Qureshi; Zahra Hassan; Lina T. Al Kury; Dmytro Isaev; Khatija Parekh; Salem R.K.D. Yammahi; Annie John; Murat Oz; Haider Raza; Ernest Adeghate; Thomas E. Adrian;

Community-based diabetes nutrition education programme for Emirati adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus – barriers to participation   Vol 8 , No 2 (2015) PDF HTML
Habiba I Ali; Carine Platat; Latifa M Baynouna; Hanan Abd Abd El Baki;

Pilot study – depression in diabetic patients attending outpatient clinics at Rashid Hospital, Dubai: what is the prevalence and are there gender differences?   Vol 8 , No 1 (2015) PDF HTML
Khadija Ahmed Hafidh; Saira Bano Abbas;

Risk assessment for developing type 2 diabetes mellitus and its determinants among adults attending Dubai Primary Health Care centers, 2012   Vol 7 , No 2 (2014) PDF HTML
Anood Alshaali; Ahmed Wasfy; Nehad Mahdy;

Effects of physical activity in an overweight Emirati school-based male population – a preliminary investigation   Vol 6 , No 3 (2013) PDF HTML
Gareth Davison; Sameena Fawad; Alan Nevill; Colin Boreham; Conor McClean; Sean Petherbridge;

Well-preserved ventricular myocyte shortening in Goto–Kakizaki type 2 diabetic rats   Vol 7 , No 2 (2014) PDF HTML
EM Gaber; P Jayaprakash; MA Qureshi; M Oz; Frank Christopher Howarth;

Initiation of insulin glargine plus oral antidiabetic drugs in patients with type 2 diabetes uncontrolled on premixed insulin   Vol 10 , No 3 (2017) PDF HTML
Ghaida Kaddaha;
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